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Duo Labs Cas interface 3 1xgold+3xfun programmer

Donderdag 25 februari, 2016
Audio, Tv en Foto > Satellietontvangers en Schotelantennes

  • Conditie: Nieuw
  • Levering: Ophalen of Verzenden
  • Type: Ontvanger of Decoder

Duo Labs Cas interface3 1xgold+3xfun
programmer voor het programeren van diablo en ander cammodules even als fun goldcards enz
ook geschikt voor het programeren van ontvangers met jtag
er zitten nog 3 funcards bij en 1 goldkard google even er is genoeg over te vinden op internet op halen in maastricht ,bij verzenden komen de kosten voor de koper Smartcard programming. This feature is very important for all those who wants to program a Smartcard based on PIC microcontroller or Atmel microcontroller. The full list of Smartcard can be viewed directly from the graphical menu of Cas Studio. More... All the OS based cards like Titanium Card, OPOS Card, Knotcard and more can be programmed without any problem throught the USB port. All future Smartcard can be supported thanks to the great flexibility of Cas Interface Card Loader can be fixed if corrupted by the special repair function. RS-232 Phoenix Smartmouse emulation. This emulation can be done through the RS-232 serial port. No matter what's the clock speed for the Smartcard. You can either choose 3,58/3,68/4,00/6,00 Mhz. This great feature is given by the total flexibility of the internal programmable clock generator. DreamBox 56xx and 7000 series boot repairing function. If your DreamBox wil not reboot due to a faulty flash the CAS Interface 3 will solve your problem without the need for any special cables or hard soldering. Sidsa embedded chip Set-Top-Boxes programming. Program the Sidsa CA embedded module. This most works like Cam programming feature. No need for special cables or special connectors. Support receivers are Xtreme, Manhattan, Nextwave 2500. Cam Explorer. This is a real cool feature which allows the user to insert any Cam in the PCMCIA connector and browse the content of you Cam. This acts like a real Common Interface Set Top Box. It gives you the possibility to get into the menus and at the same time use all the remote controller features. Various Utilities. Various PC utilities are included in Cas Studio. All those tools are free of charge and can be freely used. Duolabs made them to give the user the possibility to enjoy them: - Sim Editor. This software allows you to edit your GSM smartcard. Save/edit phonebook, SMS and Smartcard files. - Wincrypt. This software allows you to encrypt and decrypt your files and folders using as 3DES key your GSM Smartcard. This software works pretty much as Winzip but the encryption is secured by a secret key in your GSM Smartcard.

Naam: conrad janssen
Tel: 0437079953

Duo Labs Cas interface 3 1xgold+3xfun programmer
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    Advertentie: Duo Labs Cas interface 3 1xgold+3xfun programmer
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